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Intro to 3D Printing

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Introduction to 3D Printing

Do you have access to a 3D printer? Are you unsure how to go about teaching your students how to use it? Or maybe you need more in-depth curriculum to teach your students about this emerging technology.  

Either way, this new unit will be perfect for you.

The ready-to-go Intro to 3D Printing Unit will include 4 weeks of lessons and activities, such as:

  • A webquest to learn about 3D printer parts and functions
  • A research project to understand the impacts of 3D printing on our society
  • A movie to accompany a documentary about the global impacts of additive manufacturing
  • Lessons to introduce CAD software and the process of creating and sending files to a 3D printer
  • 3D printing projects that allow students to apply their new skills
You will also have access to:
  • Printable and digital copies of the student worksheets
  • Detailed teacher notes to assist with facilitation
  •  Answer keys and rubrics for easy grading

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This no-prep activity will help your students review key 3D printing vocabulary and concepts. Printable PDF and Google versions are included in the download. 

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