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This image shows a worksheet titled "What is 3D Printing?" It shows a matching activity with vocabulary and definitions. The text reads "3D Printer Parts: Lesson and Activities."

STEM Made Tangible: Teaching 3D Printer Parts to Middle Schoolers

Introduce your middle school students to the fascinating world of 3D printing and teach them about 3D printer parts. This practical STEM lesson will engage their curiosity and allow them to explore the exciting possibilities of this innovative technology. Watch as their interest soars and their understanding of deepens through

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3D Printer Safety Activities for Middle School STEM

Teaching 3D printer safety to middle schoolers is crucial to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. This resource offers background information about the potential hazards of 3D printing and engaging activities that can help students understand the importance of following safety protocols when using a 3D printer.

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This image shows a person writing on a graphic organizer titled "What is 3D Printing?" The text reads, "3D Printing Lesson and Activities."

Your First 3D Printing Lesson Plan

Are you a middle school teacher looking to incorporate 3D printing into your curriculum? This 3D printing lesson plan is designed to introduce your students to the exciting world of additive manufacturing. Get ready to bring the future of manufacturing into your classroom!

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This image shows two kids at a table with a variety of electrical components and a computer. The text reads, "Ideas for STEM Day."

Inspire the Next Generation: How to Celebrate National STEM Day

National STEM Day is a day dedicated to celebrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is a great opportunity to engage in activities that promote curiosity and problem-solving skills. This guide offers teachers and homeschooling parents guidance on how to celebrate National STEM Day. Short on time? Grab this FREE

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This image shows a worksheet titled "Lantern Festival: 3D Printing STEM Challenge." There is a computer with a CAD model of a red lantern and an image of a 3D printed lantern.

5 Exciting 3D Printing Projects for Middle School STEM Students

Looking for fun and educational projects to engage middle school STEM students? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore five exciting 3D printing projects that will not only spark creativity but also teach valuable skills. From designing custom keychains to creating functional cell phone stands, these projects are sure

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The image shows a teen building a robot. The text reads "November 8th is... National STEM Day."

Inspiring Young Minds on National STEM Day 2024

Get ready to be inspired and join the excitement of National STEM Day 2024! November 8th is the day we come together to celebrate the incredible world of science, technology, engineering, and math education. It’s a fantastic opportunity to plan an engaging and fun-filled STEM activity, and igniting the passion

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This image shows an adult and standing around a 3D printer. The text reads "3D printing in education."

Preparing Future Innovators: The Benefits of 3D Printing in Education

3D printers are becoming increasingly common in K-12 classrooms, computer labs, and libraries across the US. The innovative technology is revolutionizing the way we approach education, offering students and teachers alike a new way to explore and create. You might be wondering… “What exactly is 3D printing?”, “How is 3D

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This image shows two worksheets titled "What is a computer." The text reads, "Computer Basics: Lesson and Activities."

Help Your Students Learn the Basics of a Computer 

In today’s digital age, it’s important for students to have an understanding of computers and how they work. From the history of computer science to a computer system’s parts and functions, this lesson will help your middle school students learn the basics of a computer.   Start teaching your middle school

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