This image reads "Computer Science Worksheets." The image shows worksheets about writing computer algorithms and creating flowcharts to plan code.

Create Coding Wizards with Our Middle School Computer Science Worksheets

By Trilby Hillenbrand

Hello, Middle School STEM Teachers! Unlock the world of computer programming for your students with our computer science worksheets, specially designed to make teaching the basics of computer science and coding a breeze. Whether you’re integrating individual lessons into your existing STEM curriculum or planning a new computer science unit, our bundle of over 100 pages of resources is here to engage and amaze your students.

This image reads, "Computer Science." The image shows a worksheet titled, "From Flowchart to Code" surrounded by computer accessories and writing tools.

What’s Inside the Middle School Computer Science Unit?

1. Intro to Computers and Computer Parts:

  • Explore computer science through a class discussion.
  • Learn basic components and characteristics via a webquest and puzzle activity.

2. Writing Algorithms:

  • Understand algorithms and practice writing clear, specific steps.

3. Algorithm Flowcharts:

  • Interpret flowcharts and represent algorithms using standard symbols.

4. Learn to Code:

  • Write algorithms, translate them into code using a given language, and practice on a free online coding platform.

5. Introduction to Computer Science:

  • Discover the importance of learning to code.
  • Engage with text and media to write an essay on the significance of kids learning computer coding.

6. Computer Science Activities Choice Board:

  • Choose from 9 engaging activities to review or extend coding skills and basic computer knowledge.

7. Computer Science Quiz:

  • Use this unplugged assessment for an informal or formal evaluation of students’ coding skills.

8. Can We Build a Brain? (PBS NOVA Wonders Movie Guide):

  • Explore artificial intelligence, its uses, and potential drawbacks.
This image shows worksheets titled, "What is a computer?" One is a webquest activity and the other a computer parts vocabulary matching activity.
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Why these Computer Science Worksheets are Great

Adaptable for your Classroom Needs

These resources are flexible, so you can use them however best meets the needs of your classroom. You can choose to use each worksheet individually or use them as a complete intro to computer science unit. Each resource includes digital and printable versions of the students activities. Suggestions for differentiation are included in the teacher notes.


Each lesson includes detailed lesson plans, slideshows, and answer keys to make lesson facilitation a breeze. This will help you use your precious planning time for other tasks on your to-do list. It also makes these resources perfect for a substitute teacher with limited STEM teaching experience.

No specific materials are required

Nothing is worse than spending your own money on a cool new STEM program only to discover that you don’t have the materials you need to use it in your classroom. These computer science worksheets can be used to introduce your students to important programming concepts regardless of the specific technology you have access to in your classroom.

Real Teacher Testimonials

This images reads, "Happy teachers said..." and provides 3 teacher testimonials. The teachers say the computer science worksheets are fun, easy to use, and helpful for teachers who are new to the content.

How to Use These Materials in Your Classroom:

  • Teach each lesson in sequence for a 3-week introduction to computer science and coding.
  • Integrate lessons individually into your existing computer coding curriculum.
  • Leave lessons as emergency computer science sub plans.
  • Utilize resources for STEM extra credit, holiday break packets, or extension activities.
This image is titled, "Introduction to Computer Science: Over 100 pages, print and digital." The image shows a document called "Intro to Computer Science Unit Plan" on a desk.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or navigating the realm of teaching computer science for the first time, these coding worksheets offer a versatile toolkit. The programming skills, real-world applications, research projects, societal impact explorations, and movie guide activities ensure a well-rounded and captivating learning experience. Grab this computer science unit today and reclaim your nights and weekends, knowing your students are on a journey to unlock the power of coding!

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