Engineering Design Process

STEM Rubrics

Assessing students in STEM can be tricky… Let’s make it simple!

Grab this free rubric that can be used with any STEM project!

Engineering Design Process Rubric

Do you need an easy way to assess your students’ STEM projects? 

Grab this free download to simplify your grading and help your students focus on the engineering design process.

This pdf download includes 2 printable and digital rubrics, so you can find the perfect fit for your STEM classroom.

You can use these rubrics to…

  • Assess your students’ problem solving skills.
  • Guide students through the steps of engineering design process.
  • Teach students what it means to “do engineering.”
  • Assess student work on any STEM project.
  • Measure students’ performance on Science and Engineering Practices.
  • Track your students’ mastery of the Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science (ETS) NGSS performance expectations.
This image shows 2 rubrics titled "Engineering Design Process Rubric" surrounded by school supplies. The text says "STEM Project Rubrics: Free Download."

What's Included?

This free engineering design process rubric includes: 

  • 2 different rubrics, one is more detailed and the other is simplified
  • Google and printable copies of both rubrics
  • Teacher notes with suggestions for facilitation
No special materials are needed. Just make printed or digital copies and go!