This image shows two kids at a table with a variety of electrical components and a computer. The text reads, "Ideas for STEM Day."

Inspire the Next Generation: How to Celebrate National STEM Day

National STEM Day is a day dedicated to celebrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is a great opportunity to engage in activities that promote curiosity and problem-solving skills. This guide offers teachers and homeschooling parents guidance on how to celebrate National STEM Day.

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This image shows some building supplies, including tape, pipe cleaners, wooden craft sticks, and index cards. The text reads "How to celebrate STEM Day."

What is National STEM Day? 

National STEM Day is a day to recognize the importance of STEM fields and the impact they have on our daily lives. We celebrate it on November 8th each year. It aims to inspire and encourage students to pursue careers in these fields by showcasing the exciting opportunities and advancements that STEM disciplines offer. By celebrating National STEM Day, we hope to foster a love for learning and curiosity in young minds, ultimately preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Ways to celebrate STEM Day at school and home

Now, you might be wondering how to celebrate national STEM day. Schools and homeschooling families can celebrate National STEM Day in a variety of ways:

  • Plan a STEM Challenge: Encourage students to use the engineering design process to solve a real-world problem. They’ll practice their critical thinking and creativity skills as they tackle an engaging project.
  • Visit a STEM museum or exhibit in your community: Check out local listservs, calendars, and social media to find out what STEM-themed events are already taking place. You can plan a trip to support one of these community events.
  • Learn about STEM Careers: There are so many different ways to pursue a career in STEM. Show students how their current interest connect to STEM professions and open their eyes to career paths they may never have considered.
  • Host a live or virtual guest speaker with a background in STEM: Guest speakers can have a profound impact on students! Reach out to your network and recruit STEM professionals to tell your students about their own journeys in STEM.
  • Participate in an online learn to code program: Computer science is one of the fastest growing STEM fields. Give your students an opportunity to develop their coding skills and discover real-world applications for programming.
  • Build robot: Combining engineering and computer science to make something awesome is inherently engaging. Whether you buy a kit or DIY a robot with parts from the hardware store, your students will love this STEM exploration.
  • Plan and conduct science experiments: You can do some awesome science experiments with simple household materials. From launching bottle rockets to investigating acids and bases, you’re sure to come up with an activity your students will love.

Inspire future STEM professionals

This free lesson plan is perfect for National STEM Day! Students will learn what it means to be an engineer through a series of engaging activities. 

This image shows worksheets titled "What is engineering?" and a DIY cell phone stand.

First, they’ll exploring their background knowledge and understanding of engineering. Then they’ll use the engineering design process to create a cell phone stand from simple household items. Next, they’ll reflect on this engineering experience and then conduct background research to learn more about engineers. Finally, students will consider what they learned throughout the lesson and what it means to be an engineer.

Grab this lesson and you’ll be ready for a fun and inspiring National STEM Day celebration!

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