This image shows an adult and children building together. The text reads, "5 Activities for National STEM Day."

5 Activities to Try on National STEM Day

National STEM Day (November 8th) is a day to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math education. It’s a great opportunity to engage kids in fun and educational activities that will inspire their curiosity and creativity. Here are five activities that are perfect for celebrating National STEM Day with kids of all ages.

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This image shows kids building with blocks. The text reads "5 Activities for National STEM Day."

Create an insulated cup.

This activity is perfect for teaching kids about the science of heat transfer and introducing the engineering design process. Using materials like Styrofoam cups, cardboard, packing materials, aluminum foil, and hot water, kids can create their own insulated cups and test how well they keep liquids hot or cold. This activity is not only fun, but it also teaches kids about the importance of insulation in everyday objects like thermoses and coolers.

Design a mini corn maze.

This STEM activity is perfect for the fall season! Kids can use materials like cardboard, straws, and tape or building bricks to create a mini corn maze. Then use a marble to test it out. They can also incorporate concepts like geometry and measurement to make sure the maze is the right size and shape. This activity is not only fun, but it also teaches kids about problem-solving and spatial reasoning.

Build a table for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Celebrate National STEM Day and get ready for Thanksgiving with this fun STEM Challenge. Using blocks, recyclable materials, or other household items challenge students to build a strong table that could hold a Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixings. When they have created their design, test out the strength of the DIY table by stacking books on top. 

Make wind-powered cars.

Another fun and educational STEM activity to try on National STEM Day is making wind-powered cars. This activity teaches kids about engineering and physics as they design and build a car that can move using wind power. To get started, gather materials such as cardboard, straws, paper, and wooden craft sticks. Have students design cars that will move using wind energy. Then stage a race and test their designs using a box fan. Kids can experiment with different designs and materials to see how they affect the car’s speed and distance traveled.

Participate in a tower challenge.

Another exciting STEM activity to try on National STEM Day is a tower challenge. This activity teaches kids about engineering and problem-solving as they work to build the tallest tower possible using only a limited set of materials. Gather materials such as toothpicks, pipe cleaners, paperclips, and index cards. Challenge kids to build a tower that can stand on its own and reach a certain height or support a certain weight. Encourage them to experiment with different designs and strategies to see what works best. This activity is a great way to promote teamwork and creativity while also teaching important STEM skills.

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