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Starting robotics in middle school

This resource will help you with starting a robotics course in middle school by teaching students the basics. In this printable and digital lesson, students will explore their background knowledge about robots and learn the basic components and characteristics of robots through class discussion and a webquest activity.

Introduction to Robotics Lesson Plan and Activities

What will students learn?

The lesson begins with students exploring common misconceptions about robots in a human barometer activity and class discussion. Then they participate in a self-guided webquest to define common terms and learn about the components and characteristics of robots. Finally, students close out the lesson and demonstrate their understanding with a matching puzzle activity.

This lesson will engage your students and ensure they have the basics down before jumping into more complex robotics concepts. It also makes for a great sub lesson plan and review activity!

Want more great robotics resources?

If you are looking for more information about starting a robotics course and what to teach during the first few weeks, check out this article.

If you are looking for 3 weeks of ready-to-go lesson plans and activities to teach your middle school students robotics, click here!

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