The text reads "STEM curriculum for middle school." The image shows a worksheet titled "Writing algorithms" next to a computer keyboard and writing utensils.

A STEM Curriculum to Inspire Middle School Scientists and Engineers

By Trilby Hillenbrand

Are you seeking a comprehensive middle school STEM curriculum to captivate and motivate your students? Dive into our incredible bundle offering 30+ weeks of STEM lessons, activities, and projects designed to streamline your planning and inspire your future scientists and engineers.

The text reads "STEM curriculum for middle school." The image shows a worksheet titled "3D modeling with CAD" surrounded by school supplies.

Our STEM education program includes instructional materials and engaging activities focused on teaching the engineering design process, robotics, computer science, and 3D printing. You’ll also have access to over 20 STEM challenges to keep your students engrossed in learning throughout the academic year. These resources are flexible and adaptable to your classroom needs. You can use them individually or in the suggested sequence outlined in our curriculum map. 

What’s included in this middle school STEM curriculum? 

The text reads, "STEM Curriculum for Middle School: Print and digital, 30+ weeks of activities." The image shows a hand completing a worksheet titled "What is 3D printing?"

Engineering Design Process Unit

  • Introduce your middle school students to the intricacies of the engineering design process through a comprehensive unit spanning over 5 weeks. 
  • Equip your students with problem-solving skills using the engineering design process.
  • Explore real-world applications of engineering and STEM professions.
  • Foster teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

3D Printing Unit

  • Delve into the fascinating world of 3D printing with a comprehensive 4-week unit.
  • Help your students grasp the fundamentals of CAD and 3D printing.
  • Showcare real-world applications for additive manufacturing and the role of 3D printing in engineering.

Computer Science Unit

  • Address the burgeoning field of computer science by imparting key concepts and programming skills in this 3 week unit.
  • Introduce fundamental computer science concepts, including algorithms, flowchart diagrams, and programming languages. 
  • Engage your students in coding practice through a variety of plugged and unplugged activities.

Robotics Unit

  • Explore the exciting world of robotics over a span of 3 weeks..
  • Introduce basic robot parts and functions, enlightening students about societal impacts and real-world examples of robots and their functions.

STEM Challenge Bundle

  • Engage your middle schoolers with over 20 captivating STEM challenges that promote critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. 
  • Encourage problem-solving through the engineering design process.
  • Showcase the relevance of STEM in everyday life and various professions. 
This image shows 3 DIY STEM projects for middle schoolers, including a model space needle, a stuffed cat with a prosthetic leg, and a cell phone stand.

Each resource includes everything you need for a smooth lesson delivery, including: 

  • Printable, Google, and Easel versions of the student activities and worksheets.
  • Detailed teacher notes, slideshows, grading rubrics, and assessments for effortless lesson facilitation. 
  • Differentiation suggestions to cater to diverse student needs. 
  • Flexible material requirements, so you can use what you already have on hand.
This image shares reviews from happy teachers. Review 1 says "“I'm in love with this resource! I love that I can have one unifying theme each quarter, with resources for each of the four themes... Everything is running much smoother this year than in the previous 6 years of teaching STEM. Thank you for helping me take my teaching to the next level!” Review 2 says, “This is an amazing tool. We had a teacher leave last minute and a long term sub step in. This is great for this!”

This middle school STEM curriculum can be used to plan and facilitate a year-long STEM course or supplement and enhance an existing STEM curriculum. It’s perfect for leaving with a long-term substitute teacher or building a homeschool STEM curriculum.

Step into the future of education with our middle school STEM curriculum and inspire the scientists and engineers of tomorrow. 

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