Harnessing the Breeze: A Guide to Wind-Powered Cars STEM Project

The image titled reads, "Wind-Powered Cars STEM Project." The image shows a DIY wind-powered car created from household materials.

By Trilby Hillenbrand Let’s create cars that run on wind power! It’s not just a cool idea from the future; it’s a fun project your students can do today. Find out how to engage your students in hands-on learning while they build, test, and race wind-powered cars. Sustainability and innovation are a perfect match! Disclosure: […]

10 Tips for Creating a Dynamic STEM Education Program

The text reads "10 Tips for STEM Education." The image shows an adult and 2 children examining a drone.

Are you ready to jump into STEM education, but feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Check out these 10 tips for creating an awesome STEM education program. Let us help you simplify your entry into the world of STEM, while also ensuring a seamless integration of innovative and engaging learning experiences for your students.

How to Create Magical Valentines with LED Lights

This image shows 3 DIY Valentine's Day cards with LED lights. The text reads "LED Valentines." There is a hand pressing a button on the center card to light up the mini LED.

Check out this STEM project perfect for Valentine’s Day. Your middle school students students will love learning about circuits, using their creativity, and creating one-of-a-kind Valentines with LED lights to give to their family and friends. Read on for a step-by-step guide to this illuminating educational experience.

Preparing Future Innovators: The Benefits of 3D Printing in Education

This image shows an adult and standing around a 3D printer. The text reads "3D printing in education."

3D printers are becoming increasingly common in K-12 classrooms, computer labs, and libraries across the US. The innovative technology is revolutionizing the way we approach education, offering students and teachers alike a new way to explore and create. You might be wondering… “What exactly is 3D printing?”, “How is 3D printing used in education?”, or […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Robotics To Your Students

The image shows a young women constructing a robot. The text reads "5 reasons to teach robotics."

Did you know “the US is home to 310,700 industrial robots, and that number increases by at least 40,000 each year?” (Flynn 2023). So why teach robotics in middle school? Teaching robotics is a great way to prepare students for the modern day workforce. There is a great chance today’s students will be working alongside robots in their […]

5 Reasons To Teach Coding: Understanding the Benefits

The image shows young people on devices in a classroom setting. The text reads "5 reasons to teach coding."

Teaching coding can open up a world of possibilities for your students. From helping them to think analytically to opening the door to lucrative careers, here are six of the biggest reasons to teach coding. Looking for a coding unit plan? Check out this done-for-you computer science resource! 1. Prepare Students for the Future With […]

Why STEM Projects Make Awesome End of Year Lesson Plans

This image shows students in a classroom building. The text reads "End-of-year STEM projects."

As the school year comes to a close, introducing STEM projects can be an exciting and engaging way for students to wrap up their studies! From boosting creativity and problem-solving skills to inspiring teamwork and positive communication, STEM activities make for meaningful end-of-year lesson plans that can benefit students in countless ways. Short on time? […]

7 Reasons You Should Use STEM Research Projects in Your Middle School Classroom

This blog gives 7 reasons teachers should use STEM research projects as part of their curriculum.

Incorporating STEM research projects into the middle school classroom can open up a world of opportunities for students to explore their creative sides and learn practical skills. Learn more about how these projects can benefit your students and discover some ideas here. Short on time? Grab a ready-to-go STEM research project! 1. Explore student-generated questions […]

Pollinator Lesson Plans for Middle School – Why are bees important?

The text reads, "Pollinator Lesson Ideas." The background shows a bee visiting a flower.

Have you ever had a bee fly into your classroom during the middle of a lesson? I have… chaos ensued. Some kids were terrified and hiding, while others were chasing the bee trying to kill it with their notebooks. Bees often have a bad rap in middle school, but these pollinators play an important role […]