5 Exciting 3D Printing Projects for Middle School STEM Students

This image shows a worksheet titled "Lantern Festival: 3D Printing STEM Challenge." There is a computer with a CAD model of a red lantern and an image of a 3D printed lantern.

Looking for fun and educational projects to engage middle school STEM students? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore five exciting 3D printing projects that will not only spark creativity but also teach valuable skills. From designing custom keychains to creating functional cell phone stands, these projects are sure to captivate students and foster […]

8 Fun and Educational Summer Camp STEM Activities for Big Kids

This image shows a group of tweens outside in a casual setting. The text reads "Summer Camp STEM."

So you’re planning a camp for big kids? The pre-teen and young teen crowd can be hard to please… But these fun, engaging, and educational summer camp STEM activities will give your campers a summer to remember. This summer your middle schoolers will have a blast while learning valuable 21st century skills. Short on time? […]