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Why STEM Projects Make Awesome End of Year Lesson Plans

As the school year comes to a close, introducing STEM projects can be an exciting and engaging way for students to wrap up their studies! From boosting creativity and problem-solving skills to inspiring teamwork and positive communication, STEM activities make for meaningful end of year lesson plans that can benefit students in countless ways.

Short on time? Grab a ready-to-go STEM project and check end-of-year lesson plans off your to-do list!

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STEM projects are super engaging.

STEM projects are amazing when it comes to keeping students engaged and motivated. They get to use the knowledge they’ve acquired throughout the year and apply it in exciting ways – whether that’s through physical building, coding, designing experiments, or a combination of all three! The possibilities for personalization make these projects infinitely engaging and cater to a whole range of learning styles and interests.

Students learn real-world skills they can take to the next grade.

STEM projects provide students with real-world problem solving skills, from design thinking to collaboration. In addition to mastering the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, they’ll learn how to work together as a team and present their ideas in compelling ways. This will prepare them for the next grade level and beyond!

Use up materials you don’t want to store for the summer.

STEM projects are a great way to use up your remaining materials and supplies – without having to store them over the summer. Incorporate activities that students can do with their hands-on learning experiences including getting creative with the engineering design process, building solutions, and testing their designs. Then you’ll have fewer items to pack up and store for the summer months!

Students take the lead and you can be the guide on the side.

STEM project’s can put students back in the driver seat of their learning as they are allowed to freely explore, question and experiment while taking on a hands-on approach to problem solving. As an educator, have fun with it – you don’t need to be an expert, your role is more so as a guide on the side, encouraging students towards discovery and understanding of the problem-solving process. Encourage collaborative discussions, brainstorming, and teamwork.

STEM projects can be used across a variety of subjects.

STEM subjects have a unique ability to transcend traditional subject boundaries. For example, a tower-building project can incorporate concepts from engineering, architecture, math, history, and art. This will engage a wide range of learners… maybe science isn’t their favorite subject, but the interdisciplinary nature of STEM projects allows all students to contribute their expertise. Blending concepts from several areas of study is also a great way to conclude a year of learning!

Ready to make your end of year lesson plans? 

Grab ready-to-go STEM projects perfect for wrapping up the school year. With a week of engaging, student-centered activities, your students will have a memorable close out to the year.

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Each of the STEM challenges has:

  • Printable, Google and Easel versions of the student activities and worksheets that guide students through the engineering design process
  • Detailed lesson plans and slideshows for easy lesson facilitation
  • Easy-to-use grading rubrics and assessments
  • Flexible building materials, so you can use what you have on hand
  • Printable certificates for student engineers
  • Suggestions for building materials, distance learning, and differentiation

Grab one today to save your planning and prep time for all your other close out tasks, while knowing your students will be learning and engaged in an amazing end-of-year STEM project!

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