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Hi, I'm Trilby!

I am a full-time STEM educator with 14 years experience teaching science, engineering, robotics, and computer science courses. If you are looking for ready-to-go classroom resources and successful teaching strategies that will engage and challenge your students, you are in the right place!

Back in 2013, I had been teaching middle school science for 5 years and finally felt like I had my curriculum and classroom under control… Then my school district adopted new Science standards that shifted the emphasis from students learning facts to “doing” science and engineering. All of a sudden, I was scrambling to learn about the engineering design process and how to get my rambunctious middle school students to engage in these types of activities, and then modifying all my teaching materials to meet the new standards. When I was able to move past the overwhelm, and dive into student-centered STEM, I discovered I loved this style of teaching, and my students were more engaged, while also gaining real-world skills that they missed with the old curriculum.

However, I struggled to find high-quality STEM resources to scaffold, extend, or enrich my curriculum. My students needed help understanding the parts of a robot and wanted to examine the pros and cons of 3D printing. These resources just did not exist for middle school students, so I created them. As the result of many evenings and weekends spent researching, writing, and adapting, my students were learning more than ever, but I was tired and missing out on time with my family and friends. I would have loved to find ready-made resources that would fuel my students’ passion for STEM while also saving me time and energy, and I’m so excited that I can now offer these materials to teachers like you.

I can help you take back your nights and weekends and captivate your students with ready-to-go STEM activities created to engage and challenge!

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