Computer Science Vocabulary Activity

Grab this FREE computer science vocabulary activity to help students practice key terms and concepts.

Computer Science Vocabulary

Are you looking for engaging activities to teach the basics of computer science? Do you want to help your students practice computer science vocabulary and concepts? 

Either way, this activity is perfect for you.

The color-by-number computer science activity can be used for:

  • Introducing computer science and coding concepts
  • Practicing computer science vocabulary
  • Early finisher activities
  • Homework during an programming unit
  • Extra credit, extension activity, or holiday break packet
This image shows a pencil box and colored pencils next to a worksheet titled "Computer Science Color By Number Activity." The worksheet has computer science vocabulary questions and a blank mandala to be colored.

This no-prep activity will help your students review key computer science vocabulary and concepts. Printable PDF and Google versions are included in the download.