10 Tips for Creating a Dynamic STEM Education Program

The text reads "10 Tips for STEM Education." The image shows an adult and 2 children examining a drone.

Are you ready to jump into STEM education, but feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Check out these 10 tips for creating an awesome STEM education program. Let us help you simplify your entry into the world of STEM, while also ensuring a seamless integration of innovative and engaging learning experiences for your students.

5 Tips for a Fantastic First Day of STEM Class

The image shows a group of tween kids looking excited and carrying backpacks. The text reads "5 tips for your first day of STEM."

It’s that time… Summer is ending, and our brains are switching back to school mode.  You may be wondering “What should I do on the first day of STEM?” Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here are five things to do on your first day of school (and beyond) that will help you get started […]

Creating Effective STEM Lesson Plans: Tips and Tricks

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STEM education at its core is about applying science, technology, engineering and math skills and knowledge to solve problems. Therefore, the focus of STEM lesson plans should be on developing students’ problem-solving abilities.  Therefore, STEM lesson plans usually consist of longer term projects where students are doing the majority of the work and teachers are […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Robotics To Your Students

The image shows a young women constructing a robot. The text reads "5 reasons to teach robotics."

Did you know “the US is home to 310,700 industrial robots, and that number increases by at least 40,000 each year?” (Flynn 2023). Teaching robotics is a great way to prepare students for the modern day workforce. There is a great chance today’s students will be working alongside robots in their future careers. Robotics combines science, engineering, math, […]

4 Ideas for Exploring STEM Careers in Middle School

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As Marian Wright Edelman states in Miss Representation, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” Introducing students to new career paths and professions is arguably one of the most important parts of STEM class. When you dedicate time to exploring STEM careers and showing students how STEM connects to their own interests and passions, you […]

What makes a good STEM project in middle school?

This image shows 2 young people building a robot. The text says " 5 tips for good STEM projects."

STEM is a hot topic in education and beyond. We hear all the time about the importance of strong STEM skills and why we should expose our students to STEM early and often. But what exactly makes a good STEM project, and how do we develop our students’ STEM skills in middle school?  One way […]

What is STEM based education?

STEM Based Education blog post

So, you are teaching STEM. It’s awesome! It’s exciting! And so much fun! But starting a STEM class can also be overwhelming and confusing. What is STEM based education? What do I need to teach my students in STEM class? How can I start my STEM class strong?  Keep reading to feel confident going into […]

Engineering Design Process Lesson Plans

Introducing the engineering design process

Introducing the engineering design process to new STEM students is tricky. These engineering design process lesson plans will help your students become expert problem solvers and meet middle school engineering standards, while having a lot of fun! With over 220 pages of print and digital resources, you’ll have 5 weeks of rigorous and engaging instruction […]

5 tips for effective group work in STEM

Tips for Managing middle school STEM Group Work

As a new STEM teacher, my number one challenge was getting my middle school students to work together. It seems easy… Put kids in a group, give them a fun task, and be nearby to answer questions, give out materials, and help troubleshoot. But in reality, it’s not so pretty. Kids refuse to work with […]