Beginning of Year STEM Activities for Middle School

This image shows a DIY cell phone stand with a toy cell phone displayed. The text says "Beginning of Year STEM Activities."

Are you looking for beginning of the year STEM activities? I’ve got you covered!  With this free lesson and some random materials from your cupboard, your middle school students will learn the basics of engineering. Then you can sit back and enjoy your last few days of summer knowing your first days of school are […]

Engineering Design Process Lesson Plans

Introducing the engineering design process

Introducing the engineering design process to new STEM students is tricky. These engineering design process lesson plans will help your students become expert problem solvers and meet middle school engineering standards, while having a lot of fun! With over 220 pages of print and digital resources, you’ll have 5 weeks of rigorous and engaging instruction […]

Fun End of Year STEM Activities for Middle School

End of year STEM activities blog post

You made it! Summer is around the corner. This time of year is always exciting but also challenging… Antsy kids, nice weather, lack of motivation (for students and teachers too!), wonky schedules, grading, cleaning, etc. These fun end-of-year STEM activities will keep your engagement high and stress low for smooth sailing into summertime! 5 ideas for […]

5 tips for effective group work in STEM

Tips for Managing middle school STEM Group Work

As a new STEM teacher, my number one challenge was getting my middle school students to work together. It seems easy… Put kids in a group, give them a fun task, and be nearby to answer questions, give out materials, and help troubleshoot. But in reality, it’s not so pretty. Kids refuse to work with […]

Great movies for middle school Science class

Middle School Science Movie Ideas

Everyone looks forward to a good movie day, but they are even better when the film captivates your students and ties into course content! Read on to learn about 6 movies that make an awesome addition to any middle school science or STEM class. Read on for a list of science movies your students will […]

Middle school STEM Earth Day activities

Earth Day in STEM class

Earth Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate with middle school students. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the science we are learning in the classroom and how it applies to real-world problems. Check out these middle school STEM Earth Day activities for some ideas on how to make your […]