7 Reasons You Should Use STEM Research Projects in Your Middle School Classroom

This blog gives 7 reasons teachers should use STEM research projects as part of their curriculum.

Incorporating STEM research projects into the middle school classroom can open up a world of opportunities for students to explore their creative sides and learn practical skills. Learn more about how these projects can benefit your students and discover some ideas here. Short on time? Grab a ready-to-go STEM research project! 1. Explore student-generated questions […]

How to start a STEM program: 5 tips for your first weeks of school

This image shows two middle school students with a robot and a laptop. The text reads "Your first weeks of STEM class."

The first few days of a new semester are always exciting, but they are also so important for creating the classroom culture and routines that will guide the rest of the school year. While some classroom procedures and routines can be used in any classroom, there are specific considerations for a STEM classroom. Whether you […]

Get Your Guide to Computer Science Education Week 2022

This image shows students in a computer lab. The text reads "Free guide for CSED Week."

I’ve been looking forward to Computer Science Education Week 2022 since December 2021! It is one of my favorite weeks of the school year. There’s a buzz in the air and my students and I have a blast! Also, I get to spend time teaching real-world skills that spark new passions and introduce new career […]

5 Middle School Coding Activities for Computer Science Education Week and Beyond

This image shows a middle school coding class. The text reads "Computer Science Education Week."

In recent years, the expansion of computer science programs and the importance of teaching middle school coding (and elementary school coding too!) have been all over the news. You may be wondering why coding is so important for kids or what benefits are associated with learning to code. The importance of middle school coding According […]

Teaching Programming to Middle Schoolers

This image shows middle school students looking at a computer. The text reads "Teaching Programming" and STEM in the Middle.

Coding is a very important skill for today’s students. Currently, computer science job openings outpace the number of qualified applicants, and as we move into the future, more and more industries will require employees to have some basic computer programming skills… But how exactly do you go about teaching programming to middle schoolers? It seems […]

A common problem of STEM students

This image shows school supplies on a blue background. The text says "STEM and the fear of failure."

Fear of failing and not having the right answer is a common problem of STEM students. Especially if your class is their first STEM experience. In most other courses, students are expected to have the “right” answer. If they are paying attention and working hard, they should be able to get a “good” grade on […]

Computer Parts Lesson Plan

The image shows a computer lab. The text reads "Computer Parts: Lesson and Activities."

So you’re teaching computer science… Now what? This computer parts lesson plan will help you kick off your middle school computer science or technology course by teaching the basics. Using printable or digital materials, students will explore their background knowledge about computers and learn the basic components and characteristics of computers through class discussion and […]

Coding for Middle School

This image shows a computer with code written on the screen and the text reads "Coding for Middle School" by STEM in the Middle.

Introducing students to the basics of computer science can be tricky! This complete coding for middle school unit will show you how to start and develop a great foundation that your students can build on throughout any computer science course while having a lot of fun! With over 100 pages of print and digital resources, […]

5 tips for effective group work in STEM

Tips for Managing middle school STEM Group Work

As a new STEM teacher, my number one challenge was getting my middle school students to work together. It seems easy… Put kids in a group, give them a fun task, and be nearby to answer questions, give out materials, and help troubleshoot. But in reality, it’s not so pretty. Kids refuse to work with […]

What makes great sub plans in STEM?

We all know taking a day off of school can be more work than it is to go in and teach for the day. For STEM teachers, creating or finding great sub plans can be an even greater challenge, because many substitute teachers don’t have experience in our content area and our courses are usually […]