Exciting Physical Science STEM Projects Perfect for Middle School Classrooms

The image shows middle school students working on a chemistry project. The text reads "Physical Science STEM Projects."

Looking for new and exciting physical science STEM projects? Middle school teachers can engage their students with activities involving chemical reactions, Newton’s Laws, and more! Get creative ideas for inspiring future scientists and engineers in your classroom with these engaging physical science STEM projects. Design and Test and Insulated Cup Give your students a hands-on […]

How does a bottle rocket science project work?

This image shows a rocket, stars and the moon. The text reads "Bottle Rocket Science."

Rockets are devices that use force to move an object forward. Chinese people invented the first rockets to launch fireworks in the 1200s. Today, not only are rockets used for fireworks but they are also used to send objects (and even people!) into space (Encyclopedia Brittanica, 2022). Model rockets are a great way to explore […]

How to start a STEM program: 5 tips for your first weeks of school

This image shows two middle school students with a robot and a laptop. The text reads "Your first weeks of STEM class."

The first few days of a new semester are always exciting, but they are also so important for creating the classroom culture and routines that will guide the rest of the school year. While some classroom procedures and routines can be used in any classroom, there are specific considerations for a STEM classroom. Whether you […]

National Engineers Week 2023: 4 Activities for Middle School

This image shows a hand marking up blueprints and a yellow hardhat. The text reads "National Engineers Week."

Engineering is a great profession for today’s youth to consider. The demand for STEM professionals is expected to grow twice as fast as other careers. Recent research also shows that people in STEM professions have higher salaries and experience less unemployment than people in other fields (Okrent and Burke, 2021). You can generate student interest […]

STEM Career Research Project for Middle School

This image shows 2 pages of a STEM careers project on a wooden desk. The text reads "STEM Career Project."

How do you inspire future scientists and engineers? Do your students know what careers are STEM careers and what it means to have a career in STEM? You can answer these questions and more with this multi-day STEM career project! STEM Career Research Project In this project, students will choose an engineering career to research. […]

4 Ideas for Exploring STEM Careers in Middle School

The image shows a word cloud in the shape of a lightbulb with words such as "careers," "idea," and "future." The text states "Exploring STEM Careers."

As Marian Wright Edelman states in Miss Representation, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” Introducing students to new career paths and professions is arguably one of the most important parts of STEM class. When you dedicate time to exploring STEM careers and showing students how STEM connects to their own interests and passions, you […]

What’s on your STEM lab supply list?

This image shows various office supplies on a blue background. The text reads "Free STEM Materials List."

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about what to add to your STEM lab supply list? Are you worrying about your budget and how you will afford all the niche-specific materials? Filling a STEM lab with appropriate building supplies and materials is one big challenge of being a STEM teacher.  Now imagine having a […]

Biomedical Engineering STEM Activity with Animal Prosthetics for Middle School

This image shows a black stuffed cat with a missing front limb. The cat has a DIY prosthetic device. A worksheet next to the cat is titled "Animal Prosthesis: STEM Challenge." The title reads "Biomedical Engineering."

Exposing students to new career paths and showing them real-world applications is an important part of STEM class! Many students are surprised to learn that some engineers work with animals. In this biomedical engineering STEM activity, students are introduced to three animals, Bob the alligator, Bruce the parrot, and Snoopy the cat. Each potential client […]

Variables that affect solar oven efficiency

This image shows a variety of supplies, including foil, plastic wrap, scissors, a bowl, a thermometer, and tape. The text reads, "Solar Ovens: Reflectivity and Insulation."

So you’re building a solar oven?  Solar ovens are a great DIY project! You can create an effective cooking device cheaply from household items. Also, solar ovens use renewable energy from the Sun, which is good for our environment. You’ll learn many important science concepts and develop your engineering skills through the design and building […]

Valentine’s Day STEM Activity for Middle School

Valentine's Day STEM

Keeping students engaged on holidays is no easy task! This is especially true when you are teaching hormonal middle schoolers… on Valentine’s Day. Eeeeeeek! Let me help you navigate the chaos and keep your students learning in between celebrations with this Valentine’s Day STEM activity! Light-Up Valentine STEM Activity In this project, students will learn […]