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Science gifts for teachers

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I am so excited about these beautiful gifts I received from The Calculated Chemist! If you are looking for STEM or science gifts for teachers, students, colleagues, mentors, or yourself, check out my favorite items from the shop below. Then use the discount code “STEMINTHEMIDDLE” to score a 15% discount on your order!

This image shows various science gifts for teachers on a wooden table

What is The Calculated Chemist?

The Calculated Chemist is a small business started by a professional chemist. They create amazing science-themed houseware perfect for any science enthusiast! I love to express my love for STEM in the classroom and at home, and supporting a STEM professional while enjoying these beautiful pieces is icing on the cake. 

So, if you are looking for awesome, high quality science gifts for teachers in your life, stop searching around and shop for these items now!

A few of my favorite science gifts for teachers

Flask drink tumbler

This is my personal favorite! I love pouring my iced coffee into science glassware each morning. It makes me smile and sets my mood as I head into my classroom for the day.

The silicone boot is also great for protecting my desk and preventing spills... I hate to say it, but I’ve handed back more than one graded paper with coffee stains in the past.  

If you’re not sure what to get the science teacher in your life, you can’t go wrong with this one!                                                              

Reusable straw set

These environmentally friendly straw sets pair perfectly with the flask drink tumbler! They come in metal or glass and a variety of colors. 

I love these classy straws! They add a touch of fun to the serious science glassware, while also helping cut down on my use of disposable plastic.

Chemistry Teaspoons

These adorable gold mixing spoons are perfect for adding sugar and mixing my morning coffee.

The subtle benzene detail on the handle looks like a sophisticated, minimalist design element to the untrained eye, but it will be immediately appreciated by the chemistry-lover in your life!                                                    

Benzene coasters

The wooden hexagonal benzene coasters look beautiful on any surface. Whether your STEM teacher decides to keep them on their desk at work or on the coffee table at home, they will add a touch of science flair anywhere. 

I am thankful for the waterproof sealant and pads on the bottom to ensure the coasters are practical as well as beautiful. Between my students at school and my own kids at home,  my tables need all the protection they can get!

Medicine pill accessory tray

This elegant, yet sturdy, metal tray is available in silver or gold. It is a versatile and practical gift. Your favorite science teacher or school nurse can use the STEM-themed tray to contain small items on their desk at work or serve snacks at home.

I love using the tray to hold my goggles and glasses as I switch them out throughout my day in the lab. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you are searching for a special science-themed gift for the holidays, a graduation, teacher appreciation week, a retirement party, or a back-to-school treat for yourself, The Calculated Chemist’s shop has everything you need. 

Don’t forget to add the promo code “STEMINTHEMIDDLE” when you check out to save 15% on your purchase!


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