This image shows various office supplies on a blue background. The text reads "Free STEM Materials List."

What’s on your STEM lab supply list?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about what to add to your STEM lab supply list? Are you worrying about your budget and how you will afford all the niche-specific materials? Filling a STEM lab with appropriate building supplies and materials is one big challenge of being a STEM teacher. 

Now imagine having a list of basic supplies perfect for any STEM classroom that will allow you and your students to engage in countless STEM challenges and get suggestions on where to get those materials for free or cheap. My FREE STEM supplies resource will do exactly that!

This image shows a letter titled "Support our STEM Class" and another document titled "Stock the STEM Lab" next to some office supplies. The title reads "STEM Lab Supply Lists: Free Download!"

What’s included in the STEM lab supply list resource?

  • A STEM materials list that will allow you to organize many different STEM challenges for your students
  • Suggestions for what supplies to get donated and what should be on your back-to-school supply list or teacher wishlist
  • Two versions of a letter you can use to request supply donations from your students’ families and community members
  • Suggestions of places to find supplies for STEM activities for free or very cheap

How can the STEM materials list and donation letters be used in your classroom?

  • Organize your back-to-school shopping list
  • Get ideas for your STEM lab student supply lists
  • Put materials on your teacher wishlists
  • Send home the donation requests letter to your students’ families during the first week of school or before a big project
  • Use the letters to get donations before a specific project that will require a lot of certain supplies
  • Ask the PTO or school leadership to share the donation letter with the community to get more support

Let me help you get your STEM lab supplies in order, so you can get back to planning awesome STEM challenges and inspiring our future scientists and engineers!

Send me the guide!

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