How to Create a Water Filter STEM Project

The image text reads, "How to create a DIY water filter." The image shows a water filter created from a 2 liter plastic bottle next to a sample of polluted water.

By Trilby Hillenbrand DIY water filters are an impactful STEM project. The learning experience can inspire and empower students to become environmentally conscious problem-solvers and equip them with the skills and knowledge to tackle global challenges related to water quality and sustainability. The benefits are many but you may be wondering, “How exactly do I […]

Middle School STEM Projects that Engage and Inspire

The text reads, "Middle School STEM Projects." The image shows DIY cars made out of household materials.

Are you facing the challenge of maintaining full engagement in your middle school STEM classroom? As educators, striking the right balance between rigor and excitement is an ongoing struggle. Luckily, we have the perfect solution to transform your STEM lessons into captivating experiences.

What Your Students Need to Learn About Robots

The image shows two worksheets titled "Robot Characteristics and Components." The text reads "All About Robots: Lesson and Activities."

Robots are no longer confined to the realm of science fiction. In today’s world, they are revolutionizing industries and transforming our daily lives. As an STEM educator, you can help your students learn about robots and cultivate a passion for robotics. Start teaching your middle school students the basics of robotics with this no-prep lesson […]

10 Good Earth Day Movies To Inspire Your Students

This image shows a satellite image of Earth in a dark sky with stars visible in the distance. The title reads "10 Earth Day movies for the classroom."

Earth Day, April 22nd, is just around the corner! It’s the perfect time to show your students some films about the environment and why we need to take care of our planet. There are a plethora of good Earth Day movies out there that can teach your students about environmental stewardship. Let’s take a look […]

4 Spring STEM Activities for Middle School

This image reads "Spring STEM Activities" by STEM in the Middle.

As the days get warmer, there are plenty of fun and exciting ways to make learning more engaging for middle schoolers. Our guide offers spring STEM activities that promote creative problem-solving and collaboration while helping bridge the gap between science, technology, engineering, and math. Get ready to enjoy this springtime with STEM activities! Build a […]

Easter Egg STEM Activities for Middle School

This image shows multicolored Easter eggs on a blue background. The text reads "Easter Egg STEM."

Keeping students engaged is challenging when the weather changes and spring holidays are around the corner. If you are struggling to keep your students’ attention and get to the end of the period, you are not alone! Now imagine having exciting, middle school Easter egg STEM activities on hand to keep your students engaged during […]

Pollinator Lesson Plans for Middle School – Why are bees important?

The text reads, "Pollinator Lesson Ideas." The background shows a bee visiting a flower.

Have you ever had a bee fly into your classroom during the middle of a lesson? I have… chaos ensued. Some kids were terrified and hiding, while others were chasing the bee trying to kill it with their notebooks. Bees often have a bad rap in middle school, but these pollinators play an important role […]

Holiday STEM Challenges for Middle School

This image shows a tree during winter, spring, summer, and fall. The text says "Holiday STEM Challenges."

Do you have a plan for keeping students engaged when the weather is changing and holidays are around the corner? It can be a struggle to keep your students’ attention and get to the end of the period on a normal day. This is especially true when holiday excitement is in the air. Now imagine […]

Earth Day STEM Activities for Your Middle Schoolers

Earth Day in STEM class

Earth Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate with middle school students. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the importance of STEM and how it applies to real-world problems. Check out these Earth Day STEM activities and make an awesome plan for Earth Day! Short on time? Grab ready-to-go Earth Day activities here! […]