This image shows multicolored Easter eggs on a blue background. The text reads "Easter Egg STEM."

Easter Egg STEM Activities for Middle School

It is a challenge to keep students engaged when the weather is changing and spring holidays are around the corner. If you are struggling to keep your students’ attention and get to the end of the period, you are not alone! Now imagine having exciting, middle school Easter egg STEM activities on hand to keep your students engaged during the excitement and chaos that comes with holiday celebrations. 

Check out these exciting engineering design challenges that are sure to keep your students interested.

This image is titled "Easter Egg STEM Projects." There is a student worksheet titled "Eggs-ellent Car Safeyt" and a DIY egg car next to a raw egg.

Easter Egg Drop Challenge

The Easter Bunny is trying to create a more efficient egg delivery system using drone technology. But before they can move forward with the plans, they need to find a way to protect the Easter eggs as they are dropped from the drone at a height of 2.5 meters. In this Easter egg STEM challenge, your students will assist the Easter Bunny in developing packaging that can be used to protect eggs as they are delivered by drone to yards, parks, and homes around the world.

Egg-sellent Car Safety

In this exciting STEM challenge, students will take on the role of automotive engineers. They’ll work on designing a car with safety features that can protect an egg during a crash. Your students will learn about Newton’s Third Law and then apply the physics concepts to ensure their egg stays intact when they test their cars by crashing them into a wall.

Grab your Easter STEM project here!

What’s included in the Easter egg STEM activities?

Each STEM project includes: 

  • Detailed teacher notes that include suggestions for facilitating the project during in-person, distance, and hybrid learning
  • PDF, Google, and Easel versions of the student project packets
  • A slideshow to assist with lesson facilitation
  • A rubric for easy grading
  • End-of-project celebration certificates

These projects follow the engineering design process allowing students to practice their teamwork and problem-solving skills. The building materials are flexible, meaning you can use what you have on hand! Blocks, clean recyclables, school supplies, etc.

How can the Easter egg STEM activities be used in your classroom?

  • Keep students learning and engaged throughout the weather changes and excitement that comes with the spring holidays
  • Embrace the holiday spirit with an Easter STEM activity
  • Use the challenges to keep students on task when you have unusual schedules or low attendance due to field trips, testing, assemblies, holiday celebrations or other interruptions
  • Give your students practice with problem-solving using the engineering design process
  • Introduce real-world STEM disciplines and professions
  • Give students an opportunity to develop their 21st-century skills, such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking
  • Assign the resources for extra credit, holiday break packets, home learning, or extension activities

Grab these resources today so you can take a break from planning and know your students will still be learning and having fun as you enjoy the winter season!

Want more fun seasonal activities?

This image shows a corn maze, bee house, candy bucket and hot cocoa cup STEM challenges. The text reads "STEM challenges for every season."

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