5 Activities to Try on National STEM Day

This image shows an adult and children building together. The text reads, "5 Activities for National STEM Day."

National STEM Day is a day to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math education. It’s a great opportunity to engage kids in fun and educational activities that will inspire their curiosity and creativity. Here are five activities that are perfect for celebrating National STEM Day with kids of all ages. Short on time? Grab one […]

13 Inspiring STEM Projects For Middle School

The image shows 3 students cutting materials and assembling something. The text reads "STEM projects for middle school."

STEM projects are a great way to engage and challenge middle school students, while encouraging them to explore new concepts and develop problem-solving skills. If you’re looking for some ideas, this guide provides 13 inspiring STEM project suggestions that will excite any learner. Short on time? Grab a ready-to-go middle school STEM projects for lots […]