Harnessing the Breeze: A Guide to Wind-Powered Cars STEM Project

The image titled reads, "Wind-Powered Cars STEM Project." The image shows a DIY wind-powered car created from household materials.

By Trilby Hillenbrand Let’s create cars that run on wind power! It’s not just a cool idea from the future; it’s a fun project your students can do today. Find out how to engage your students in hands-on learning while they build, test, and race wind-powered cars. Sustainability and innovation are a perfect match! Disclosure: […]

Creative and Unique End-of-Year Student Awards for Middle School

The image text reads, "end-of-year student awards." The image shows a certificate for the "Most Valuable Player" and a DIY trophy showing a foil figure sitting on top of a cup wrapped in foil with a crown on its head and the caption reads "most valuable player."

By Trilby Hillenbrand The weather’s getting warmer, and everyone’s counting down the days until summer! End-of-year awards are a great way to close out the school year and celebrate your student’s achievements and hard work throughout the school year. However, this year, imagine a twist on the student awards format that celebrates your students and […]

Create Coding Wizards with Our Middle School Computer Science Worksheets

This image reads "Computer Science Worksheets." The image shows worksheets about writing computer algorithms and creating flowcharts to plan code.

By Trilby Hillenbrand Hello, Middle School STEM Teachers! Unlock the world of computer programming for your students with our computer science worksheets, specially designed to make teaching the basics of computer science and coding a breeze. Whether you’re integrating individual lessons into your existing STEM curriculum or planning a new computer science unit, our bundle […]

Robotics Worksheets for Middle School Students

This image reads, "Robotics Worksheets." A hand is matching robotics vocabulary and definitions in a cut and paste activity.

By Trilby Hillenbrand Hey, STEM Teachers! Ready to elevate your middle school STEM class with robotics but could use some support to kick things off? Explore this bundle of robotics worksheets—your go-to resources to ease the challenge of teaching something new while captivating your students as they delve into the fundamentals of robotics. Dive into […]

The Power of Teaching Flowcharts for Programming

The text reads, "Flowcharts for Programming." The image shows worksheets that teach computer science students how to use flowcharts to plan their code.

Are your computer science students so excited about coding that they are skipping the important planning stages? Or do they find coding linear algorithms easy, but get frustrated when you’ve introduced conditionals? You can solve these common problems by introducing your students to flowcharts for programming.

A STEM Curriculum to Inspire Middle School Scientists and Engineers

The text reads "STEM curriculum for middle school." The image shows a worksheet titled "Writing algorithms" next to a computer keyboard and writing utensils.

Are you seeking a comprehensive middle school STEM curriculum to captivate and motivate your students? Dive into our incredible bundle offering 30+ weeks of STEM lessons, activities, and projects designed to streamline your planning and inspire your future scientists and engineers.

STEM Made Tangible: Teaching 3D Printer Parts to Middle Schoolers

This image shows a worksheet titled "What is 3D Printing?" It shows a matching activity with vocabulary and definitions. The text reads "3D Printer Parts: Lesson and Activities."

Introduce your middle school students to the fascinating world of 3D printing and teach them about 3D printer parts. This practical STEM lesson will engage their curiosity and allow them to explore the exciting possibilities of this innovative technology. Watch as their interest soars and their understanding of deepens through this engaging exploration of 3D printer components.

3D Printer Safety Activities for Middle School STEM

This image shows a reading passage and comprehension questions titled "3D Printing Safety." The text reads "3D Printing Safety Activities."

Teaching 3D printer safety to middle schoolers is crucial to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. This resource offers background information about the potential hazards of 3D printing and engaging activities that can help students understand the importance of following safety protocols when using a 3D printer.

Your First 3D Printing Lesson Plan

This image shows a person writing on a graphic organizer titled "What is 3D Printing?" The text reads, "3D Printing Lesson and Activities."

Are you a middle school teacher looking to incorporate 3D printing into your curriculum? This 3D printing lesson plan is designed to introduce your students to the exciting world of additive manufacturing. Get ready to bring the future of manufacturing into your classroom!