Middle School STEM Projects that Engage and Inspire

The text reads, "Middle School STEM Projects." The image shows DIY cars made out of household materials.

Are you facing the challenge of maintaining full engagement in your middle school STEM classroom? As educators, striking the right balance between rigor and excitement is an ongoing struggle. Luckily, we have the perfect solution to transform your STEM lessons into captivating experiences.

How to Create Magical Valentines with LED Lights

This image shows 3 DIY Valentine's Day cards with LED lights. The text reads "LED Valentines." There is a hand pressing a button on the center card to light up the mini LED.

Check out this STEM project perfect for Valentine’s Day. Your middle school students students will love learning about circuits, using their creativity, and creating one-of-a-kind Valentines with LED lights to give to their family and friends. Read on for a step-by-step guide to this illuminating educational experience.

Help Your Students Learn the Basics of a Computer 

This image shows two worksheets titled "What is a computer." The text reads, "Computer Basics: Lesson and Activities."

In today’s digital age, it’s important for students to have an understanding of computers and how they work. From the history of computer science to a computer system’s parts and functions, this lesson will help your middle school students learn the basics of a computer.   Start teaching your middle school students the basics of computer […]

National Engineers Week 2024: 4 Activities for Middle School

This image shows a hand marking up blueprints and a yellow hardhat. The text reads "National Engineers Week."

Engineering is a great profession for today’s youth to consider. The expectation is for the demand of STEM professionals to grow twice as fast as other careers. Recent research also shows that people in STEM professions have higher salaries and experience less unemployment than people in other fields (Okrent and Burke, 2021). You can generate […]

Valentine’s Day STEM Activity for Middle School

Valentine's Day STEM

Keeping students engaged on holidays is no easy task! This is especially true when you are teaching hormonal middle schoolers… on Valentine’s Day. Eeeeeeek! Let me help you navigate the chaos and keep your students learning in between celebrations with this Valentine’s Day STEM activity! Light-Up Valentine STEM Activity In this project, students will learn […]

Get Your Guide to Computer Science Education Week 2024

This image shows students in a computer lab. The text reads "Free guide for CSED Week."

I’ve been looking forward to Computer Science Education Week 2024 since December 2023! It is one of my favorite weeks of the school year. There’s a buzz in the air and my students and I have a blast! Also, I get to spend time teaching real-world skills that spark new passions and introduce new career […]

5 Middle School Coding Activities for Computer Science Education Week and Beyond

This image shows a middle school coding class. The text reads "Computer Science Education Week."

In recent years, the expansion of computer science programs and the importance of teaching middle school coding (and elementary school coding too!) have been all over the news. You may be wondering why coding is so important for kids or what benefits are associated with learning to code. The importance of middle school coding According […]

Christmas STEM Project Ideas for Middle School

This image shows Christmas ornaments on a blue background. The text reads "Christmas STEM activities."

It is a challenge to keep students engaged when the weather is changing and winter holidays are around the corner. If you are struggling to keep your students’ attention and get to the end of the period, you are not alone! Now imagine having an exciting, middle school Christmas STEM project on hand to keep […]

Holiday STEM Challenges for Middle School

This image shows a tree during winter, spring, summer, and fall. The text says "Holiday STEM Challenges."

Do you have a plan for keeping students engaged when the weather is changing and holidays are around the corner? It can be a struggle to keep your students’ attention and get to the end of the period on a normal day. This is especially true when holiday excitement is in the air. Now imagine […]

Winter-themed STEM activities for Middle School

This image shows snowy trees and a blue sky. The text reads "Winter STEM."

Are you looking for the perfect winter-themed STEM activities to bring some seasonal fun into your classroom? Or maybe you need to keep your students engaged during the excitement and chaos that comes before the holiday break… Either way, check out these exciting engineering design challenges that are sure to keep your students’ interest. Cookie […]