Valentine's Day STEM

Valentine’s Day STEM Activity for Middle School

Keeping students engaged on holidays is no easy task! This is especially true when you are teaching hormonal middle schoolers… on Valentine’s Day. Eeeeeeek! Let me help you navigate the chaos and keep your students learning in between celebrations with this Valentine’s Day STEM activity!

Light-Up Valentine STEM Activity

In this project, students will learn that valentines were originally exchanged among family and friends. Then they will be tasked with creating a light-up Valentine’s Day card for someone special in their life. Next, they’ll learn some basic electrical engineering concepts and analyze model circuits. Finally, students will apply their new knowledge to design, build, and test their own light up card using copper tape, an LED bulb, and a 3V button battery.

This resource is perfect for keeping your students engaged throughout the week of Valentine’s Day. Not only will your students be on-task, they’ll also be developing their problem solving skills with the engineering design process. They’ll be learning about real-world STEM disciplines and professions, and developing their 21st century skills, including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. This Valentine’s Day STEM activity also makes a great extra credit or extension activity.

This image shows 3 homemade valentine's day cards. Each one has an LED light on the cover. There is a hand pressing on one card making the LED bulb light up.

What’s included in the resource?

  • Printable PDF, Google, and Easel versions of the student worksheets
  • A detailed lesson plan with suggestions for differentiation and virtual learning
  • High quality background research videos to teach students about electricity and making paper circuits with the suggested supplies
  • A slideshow to assist with lesson facilitation
  • A rubric for easy grading
  • End-of-project celebration certificates

Materials needed for the Valentine’s Day STEM activity:

  • Printed or digital copies of the student worksheets to guide the design process
  • Paper for making the cards
  • 3 MM LED light bulbs* for the circuits
  • Copper tape* or aluminum foil for the circuits
  • 3V button batteries* for the circuits
  • Art supplies for decorating the cards

*These supplies can be purchased through an online retailer or local hardware store.

Grab this Valentine’s Day STEM activity today so you can take a break from planning and know your students will still be learning and having fun while you enjoy your own holiday plans!

What more fun seasonal activities? 

This image shows a corn maze, bee house, candy bucket and hot cocoa cup STEM challenges. The text reads "STEM challenges for every season."

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