Roboweek in middle school

RoboWeek in middle school: 5 ways to celebrate!

It’s here!!!

April 2-10, 2022 is National Robotics Week (otherwise known as RoboWeek). This is the perfect time to introduce your students to the wonderful world of robotics! Robots are here. We interact with them daily. But do your students understand what a robot is? How they are created? Why we use them? How a basic understanding of robotics is important to their future? These engaging print and digital activities will introduce your students to the basics of robotics and celebrate RoboWeek in middle school!

1. Assign a robotics webquest

What is a robot? What are the parts? Why do we use robots to do jobs humans could do? Your students will learn all this and more in this introduction to robotics lesson. They will start off by sharing their thoughts and opinions (and probably misconceptions too!) about robots. Then they will learn all about robots and their important role in today’s society. Then they will test their knowledge with a fun puzzle activity.

Robotics Lesson Plan and Activities
Click to get the lesson!

2. Research a real world robot

Did you know there are pizza-making robots that work in restaurants, rescue robots that help during natural disasters, and bee robots that assist with pollination? Give your students the opportunity to explore all the amazing robots that exist in the real world and teach each other about the role robots play in our society today. In this ready-to-go project, students will choose a robot that is interesting to them, learn all about it, and create a poster to present their robot to the class. It’s perfect for an in-class research project, extension activity, homework assignment, or sub plan!

Middle School Robot Research Project
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3. Celebrate with a robot-themed movie day

There are lots of great movies and documentaries about robotics and real-world robots. Two I would recommend for middle school are PBS’ “Rise of the Robots” and “Spare Parts.” In “Rise of the Robots” students will learn about DARPA competition and real-world robots being developed for search and rescue missions. “Spare Parts” is based on a true story of a high school robotics team that takes first place in a collegiate level robotics competition. Both will captivate and inspire your students! Check out these printable and digital movie guides to help keep your students on task and check for understanding.

Spare Parts Movie Guide
Click to grab the print-and-go movie guide!
Click to grab the print-and-go movie guide!

4. Research and form a claim about the role of robots in our society

There are so many controversial topics related to robotics, and your students have probably heard about some of them on the news or in conversation. Give them an opportunity to learn more about pros and cons of driverless cars, the impacts of robots taking over human jobs, or the benefits and challenges of 3D printing in one of these research and CER activities.

This writing activity teaches students about the benefits and challenges of autonomous cars.
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This image teaches students about the pros and cons of the increasing presence of robots in our society through research and writing.
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This lesson teaches middle school students about the benefits and challenges of 3D printing and how it may impact the future.
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5. Learn to code!

Hardware is an important part of robotics, but programming is equally as important. Use this printable and digital lesson to teach your students this important 21st century skill! Students will learn the basics of using algorithmic thinking and create a program to move animals around a grid. Once they’ve got the basics, you can send them off to to practice their skills!

This lesson plan and activities teach middle school students how to code.
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Check out this Robotics choice menu! This is an easy way to give your students time to explore the basics of robotics independently when they finish their work, during choice time, or with a sub!

Middle school robotics choice board menu
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How will you be celebrating RoboWeek in middle school? Tell us in the comments below!

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