The image shows middle school students working on a chemistry project. The text reads "Physical Science STEM Projects."

Exciting Physical Science STEM Projects Perfect for Middle School Classrooms

Looking for new and exciting physical science STEM projects? Middle school teachers can engage their students with activities involving chemical reactions, Newton’s Laws, and more! Get creative ideas for inspiring future scientists and engineers in your classroom with these engaging physical science STEM projects.

The image shows a DIY insulated cup for hot cocoa. The text reads "Physical Science STEM Projects: Perfect for NGSS."

Design and Test and Insulated Cup

Give your students a hands-on experience of thermodynamics with the insulated cocoa cup challenge. Have them design and test an insulated cup to see which cup keeps the cocoa hottest. They can explore temperature, heat transfer, insulators, and conductors when performing this experiment. This project supports mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards, including the performance expectations MS-PS3-3 and MS-ETS1-1. Grab done-for-you lesson plans, student worksheets, rubrics, certificates, and slideshows today!

Create a DIY Cold Pack

Teach your students about endothermic and exothermic reactions with a fun DIY project. Students will choose from a selection of household materials to design a new cold pack for the school nurse. The project supports mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards, including MS-PS1-6 and MS-ETS1-1. Get your ready-to-go lesson plans and materials here.

Explore the Physics of a Car Crash with Eggs

A great way to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion is to create a miniature car crash on a tabletop! Students will use their knowledge of Newton’s Third Law to design and build a car that will protect a raw egg as it rolls down a ramp and crashes into a wall. The assignment will help your students demonstrate mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards, including MS-PS2-1 and MS-ETS1-1. Download the easy-to-use lesson plan and materials today!

What’s included?

Each of the physical science STEM projects includes: 

  • Detailed teacher notes that include suggestions for facilitating the project during in-person, distance, and hybrid learning
  • PDF, Google, and Easel versions of the student project packets
  • A slideshow to assist with lesson facilitation
  • A rubric for easy grading
  • End-of-project celebration certificates

These projects follow the engineering design process allowing students to practice their teamwork and problem-solving skills. The building materials are flexible, meaning you can use what you have on hand! Blocks, clean recyclables, school supplies, etc.

Grab these resources today so you can take a break from planning and know your middle school students will still be learning and having fun as you enjoy the Spring season!

Get the ready-to-go lessons!

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This image shows a DIY insulated cocoa cup. The text reads "Physical Science STEM Projects: Meets NGSS, Printable and Digital."

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