First Days of Robotics

How to get started with robotics

Introducing students to the basics of robotics can be tricky! This complete unit will show you how to get started with robotics and develop a great foundation that your students can build on throughout any robotics course while having a lot of fun! With over 100 pages of print and digital resources, you’ll have 3 weeks of rigorous and engaging instruction ready to go.

Engage your students with the characteristics and components of a robot

Kick off the unit by engaging your students with this introductory lesson. First, students will explore commonly held misconceptions about robots in a human barometer activity. Then students will explore the characteristics and components of real-world robots in a webquest activity. Finally, they will practice their new vocabulary and concepts in a puzzle activity.

Introduction to Robotics Lesson Plan and Activities

Explore real-world robots

Next, let your students explore their interests and become an expert on a real-world robot of their choice. In this project, they will each choose a robot and describe its components and characteristics. Then they will create a digital or paper presentation for the class. Last, students will participate in a gallery walk to learn about many real-world robots performing essential tasks today.

Middle School Real World Robot Research Project

Explain the role of robots in our society

Now that they have the basics, students will examine the increasing prevalence of robots in our communities using video and texts. Through videos and text, students will learn about the pros and cons related to the ever increasing robot population. Then they will form an opinion about the effects of robots on human society and write an essay summarizing their thoughts.

Nova rise of the robots stem movie worksheets for before, during, and after the film!
Robotics STEM writing task. Digital included!

Evaluate mastery of introductory robotics concepts

At the end of the unit, students will demonstrate their mastery of basic robotics concepts by applying their new skills and knowledge to complete activities on a choice board. Finally, students will show what they know on a traditional paper or digital quiz.

Middle school robotics choice board menu
Introduction to robotics quiz. Digital included!

Buy and Save

Stop worrying about how to get started with robotics and grab this unit today. You’ll get back your nights and weekends while knowing your students will be engaged in learning the fundamentals of robotics! You’ll save 20% by purchasing the full bundle of intro to robotics lesson plans here!

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